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Programs & Services

ParaDYM Academy serves students in New Britain schools as a program in residence in New Britain High School Pulaski, DiLoreto Middle School and Pulaski Middle School.  We also serve students through our week long (5 day) moblie programs, summer programs and out of school career exploration and social emotional learning programs based around Esports, gaming and geek culture.  We have served over 200 students in Connecticut since 2008.

Our Programs and Geek Culture

Whether it's Esports, anime, music, movies, comic  books, gaming, tv or social media, ParaDYM Academy builds programming based on geeking out and youth culture and explores the transistional skills youth gain from the meida the consume and the technology they engage with.  We turn consumers in to creators, players into producers & publishers, and audiences into advocates.

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Computer Class

Middle SchoolYouth

Our middle school programs focus on social emotional learning, digital & media literacy and coding. Our programs are arts and science driven and also allow youth to explore game devlopment and competition.

VR Goggles

High School Youth

Our high school programs use Esports as an entryway into career exploration, college prep and critial conscious youth development and career technical education (CTE).  Our programs are arts and science driven and also allow youth to compete in competative gaming.

Parents, Caregivers and Educators

We work with parents, caregivers and educators to create a purpose network to support our youth paths to success.  We provide trainings for teachers and parents on how career technical education (CTE) through Esports can positively affect their kids.

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Interns and Volunteers

Experiential learning is great for learners of all ages.  We offer internship and volunteer opportunites for high school youth, college age studetns and volunteers form different vocational backgrounds.

How We Help Empower Youth

Turning recreation into education is as simple as meeting youth where they are.  We take the next step by creating a series of opportunites and mentoring youth as we engage them through Esports, gaming and geek culture.

Social Emotional Learning

We value the emotional well ness of our youth and integrate the social emotional learning (SEL) practices highlighted in by Network of Academic and Scholatic Esports Foundations (NASEF). NASEF has created a 9-week series of modules of integrated programs of study, focusing on esports as a means of facilitating transference of concepts and skills that incorporate SEL standards that are appropriate for the middle school and high school students.

College Prep

Afterschool programs are critical partners for Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs and help young people develop skills that employers need.  We work with , students, their families and educators to ensure our youth are

  • On track to graduate

  • Taking the classes needed to gain the skills necessary in your future career;

  • Leveraging their extra curricular activites for scholarships and admittance

  • Active in communnty enegement.

Career Exploration

NASEF has created innovative and immersive career- and college-relevant education. These CTE educational programs or “grids” are purposefully aligned to the 15 Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways established by the California State Department of Education. This multiyear sequence integrates core academic and technical knowledge.

Hands on Training 

Hands on learning, whether it's experietial or kinesthetic learning is the third and most intriguing of the learning styles, plays into our youths need for interactive entertainment. These hands-on learning techniques encourage youth to become more confident as they develop problem solving and critical thinking skills.  Hands on training in journalism, streaming, event planning, coding, and beta testing and more help youth recognize the transitional skills they already have based on their recreational interests.

Peer Mentoring and Life Skills Training

World Wide Youth Networks’ Knowledge of SELF (Social Emotional Learning with Friends) program is dedicated to  providing mental & behavioral health interventions and destigmatizing mental and behavioral health in youth in urban communities through clinical support, peer mentorship and media based interventions and therapeutic practices.  We work with youth ot help their friends:

  • Develop and grow emotional intelligence and their understanding of the complexities of social interaction; improved reasoning, communication and conflict resolution skills

  • Destigmatize mental and behavioral health & embrace neurodiversity

  • Expand cultural competence and awareness

  • Build a greater connection to school and other scholars; build a positive network of peers

  • Increased self-esteem and confidence and overcoming fear of failure.

Advocacy Training

We offer trainings built around the dirital arts and sciences that teach youth how to advocate for digital literacy, equity and safety.  We bring together cohorts of youth from different programs  and teach youth how to be successful policy advocates with their, educators, state and federal legislators.  Our trainings inlcude:

• Explaining why digital equity advocacy matters,

• Modeling how to create a successful advocatcy campaign

• How digtial literacy and media literacy can teach youth to explain and defend your ideas,

• How to engage with educators and legislators with facts and figures, not just passion and emotion

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