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Who We Are & What We Do

ParaDYM Academy, Inc. Inc has been a leader in and digital youth media, college preparatory training, workforce development and life skills training in Central CT since 2008. We believe that by empowering, media literate youth though mentoring, digital citizenship and community engagement, our youth will become the leaders for generations to come. To achieve this vision, ParaDYM, Inc. provides out-of school programs offering connected learning though media literacy, transmedia production, social entrepreneurship and life skill training that prepare youth for post high school educational opportunities and for successful transitions into the workforce.

ParaDYM Academy is our after-school and extended day program made up of individual, cooperative, connected-learning curricula (Co-Ops). Co-Ops are designed to empowering at-risk and marginalized youth through transmedia production and media literacy. Our Co-Ops are hands-on, therefore students learn by working on media projects for local nonprofits in need of media production. By working with industry professionals, educators from within local school districts and professors & students from Central Connecticut State University, ParaDYM students are mentored in 21st Century skills and soft skills needed for access to post-secondary educational opportunities and entrance into the workforce. Our students are also coached in media literacy, transmedia production basics, before exploring deeper understandings and opportunities in various media related industries. Since 2008, ParaDYM Academy has served over 150 students in Central Connecticut through mobile classrooms, summer and after-school programs .


ParaDYM Academy is where youth voice, art and activism combine.  ParaDYM Academy provides hands-on STEAM programs that combine the arts, technology, and community engagement. Not only do our youth learn how to leverage their existing media production skills, but they also learn how to use those skills to empower themselves and serve their community.  

  • To achieve this vision, ParaDYM Academy Inc provides after-school, extended day, and out-of-school programs offering connected learning ( through media literacy, transmedia production, game design, social entrepreneurship, and life-skill training that prepare youth for post high school educational opportunities and for  a successful transitions into the workforce.

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We believe that by empowering, preparing, and mentoring the next generation of media literate youth in digital citizenship, community engagement, and content creation our youth will become future leaders in the digital economy.

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