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Program Outcomes:​
Though involvement in ParaDYM Academy, students will become proficient in: ● Media Literacy ● Media Production ● Critical Thinking ● Social Entrepreneurship ● Financial Literacy ● Soft Skills ● Cultural Competence Student Participation and Engagement:​
Student participation and engagement are developed along on 3-tired strategy designed to address a students needs:
● Tier 1 (PlayGround)​- a mentoring, college prep and exposure to career pathways using recreational media and media production.
● Tier 2 (STARS) ​- additional academic assistance through a joint partners from CCSU’s TRiO program; SAT prep for students in need of homework help or college prep.
● Tier 3 (‘Trep)​ - additional workforce development and social entrepreneurship training for students seeking to enter the workforce while in high school. Students may be hired to work for ParaDYM clients under our ParaDYM Production​ banner.



Saturday Oct 27th @ Noon to 2

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