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 A Team Building Experience that is Worlds Apart

With ParaDYM VR your next corporate event will bring you a universe of fun  that takes real experiences to surreal heights.  Take an elevator to the moon, walk on a plank 10 stories above the ground, race your friends and co-workers in flight suits, team up and disarm a bomb, climb the side of a mountain, use light sabers to fight alongside Sith lords or to show off your rhythm skills.  You control your narrative, you control the fun and all of our virtual experiences are designed to heighten critical thinking, problem solving and  interpersonal communicative skills.

The Experience

We specialize in using the latest in high end mobile VR tech that is perfect for everyone from those new to virtual reality to season hobbyists. Designed for a more intimate setting, our experience focuses on groups in of sizes 3-20 participants. Delivered on-site, this program offers a portfolio of VR experiences designed to foster interpersonal communication and fun. 

The ParaDYM VR Process

Step 1: Individualized Consultation- Not all experience are created equal, so we'll provide a free customizable consultation to design the perfect virtual reality experience for your team

Step 2: The Questionnaire - An overview of who makes up your team and what types of VR experiences you'd like to be immersed in.  

Step 3: The Oasis - Enter a VR landscape built around your team, your goals, and an array of fun games and experience in the VR landscape.

Step 4: The Social After Action Report (SAAR) - An group analysis of team observations where the team gets to report back on lessons learned

Step 5: SAAR-prizes - What's a competition without prizes.  We provide prizes for your teams high scorers, plus photo and video for use in your social media marketing

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