ParaDYM Academy is where youth voice, art and activism combine.  ParaDYM Academy provides hands-on STEAM programs that combine the arts, technology, and community engagement. Not only do our youth learn how to leverage their existing media production skills, but they also learn how to use those skills to empower themselves and serve their community.  To achieve this vision, ParaDYM Academy Inc provides after-school, extended day, and out-of-school programs offering connected learning though media literacy, transmedia production, game design, social entrepreneurship and life-skill training that prepare youth for post high school educational opportunities and for successful transitions into the workforce.


We believe that by empowering, preparing and mentoring  the next generation of media literate youth in digital citizenship, community engagement, and content creation our youth will become  future leaders in the digital economy.


Play. Produce. Empower

  1. Education through hands-on experiences (Play)

  2. Youth Voice through content creation (Produce)

  3. Social entrepreneurship/youth advocacy through community engagement (Empower)

Program News

ParaDYM Academy Orientation

Join us via Zoom on Saturday Octber 3rd to learn about all of the opportunities available for you as you particpate in our programs, from podacsting to Esports


Sat Oct 3

Due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, all of our programs will be held according to the New Britain High School cohort schedule.  We will be meeting in person, but studeenta are also allowed to particpate virtually online via Zoom.  Program will run 2:30 to 5:30 Monday Tueasday, Thursday and Friday; here is the hybrid schedile fornthe program year:

Monday : Music/Coding (Cohort A)

Tuesday: Visual Arts(Photography & Video)/Esports (Cohort A)

Wednesday: Virtual Meet and Greets/Family Fun Nights

Thursday: Music/Coding (Cohort B)

Friday: Visual Arts(Photography & Video)/Esports (Cohort B)

Saturday: Workshops/Esports/Studio Time (reserved for students working on projects with good attendance for the week)

You can also attend on Zoom:


Wed Oct

Beginning Wednsedays on Sept 30th, join us  for the return ParaDYM Academy Watch Parties.  Each Wednesday we will host a watch party using Netfilx Party

We are proud to announce our collaborative partnership with our friends and Champions at R Line Radio.  Beginning in November, our Superstars will be streaming thier podcasts and music on this amazing digital platform.  Check them out: https://rlineradio.com/

ParaDYM Academy

600 East  St

New Britain CT, 06053



The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) and Recording Academy Memberships

Qualified high school youth participating in paraDYM academy's video and music cohorts will qualified for one year student memberships in the the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS), the academy responsible for the Emmy Awards, and Recording Academy Memberships, the academy responsible for the Grammy Awards

Follow all of our posts about online classes in real time

New Hybrid Schedule begins Sept 28th, 2020